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Wolf Crying Pharmacy


The man she accidentally spent a night with was a formerly wolf-eared idol?!

"A 3 room apartment in the metropolitan area + a foreign car + retirement with guaranteed pension and savings."
Those were the dream goals of 29-year-old pharmacist Han Sooji’s, who used to be a passionate fan of the idol group back in her school days.

However, due to several problems and a member’s departure, the group was forced to disband. Her young heart was scarred as she thought her steamy dreams were over, but…?

LUPUS’s former member, as well as the leading cause of the disbandment, is now getting ready to return to the entertainment world.
After meeting Kim Beomchan, aka Jackie, and spending a bewildering night together, she promised to be a reliable friend.

She also learned about LUPUS’s unfortunately troubling past from the former members

Sigh… Actually, this is pharmacist Han Sooji and ‘Jackie’ the traitor’s plan, ‘hope for Kim Beomchan’s safe and mishap free return’!

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