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Follows the life of an average hero who manages to win all of his battles with only one punch! This ends up being the cause of a lot of frustration as he no longer feels the thrill and adrenaline of fighting a tough battle. 
Maybe all of the hard training to become strong wasnot worth it. After all what so good about having an overwhelming power?

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10 months ago
10 months ago
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Shipuden Monkeydilufey 15:29 - 01/22/2018
Next chapter faster updateemoemoemoemo
cheng xiong 14:28 - 02/21/2018
These updates are slow
grace g 11:18 - 02/26/2018

@cheng xiong smh shouldn't you be thankful that people are even taking time out of their day to translate this for free, and for people who can't read Japanese like you? be grateful instead of being a complaining brat. if you really think they're updating too slow go translate your own manga by yourself instead of wasting time complaining. 

cheng xiong 16:00 - 02/04/2019

@cheng xiong my bad i was clicking on the comment too much and posted 3 of the same comment. and the question mark at the end was suppose to be an emoji but it came out as question marks

Jonathan Seo 09:37 - 03/21/2018
Please make more chapter quickly please
cheng xiong 15:55 - 02/04/2019
@grace g you lowkey triggered me. I've came back a year later to see if you still wanna talk some shit. Bitch first of all I said the updates are slow. Not "can you fucken update faster," I wasnt damanding updates. I was just stating that it was slow. So shut yo dumbass up. Please come back and read this so I can read yo dumbass response and we can keep arguing you dumb bimbo. Thank you ????
hue 20:45 - 05/20/2021
heretoreadsomeshii 12:03 - 07/07/2021
chill brother
Joshua Jaquez 05:22 - 03/25/2018
@grace g It doesn't matter whether or not they're doing this for free the updates are technically slow. He's stating a fact whether you like it or not. You say "complaining brat", but you sound even worse than him...
Zonedo 16:00 - 05/25/2018
Unable to view the pages
Sly Crown 15:05 - 08/06/2018
when does chapter 141 release, waited since last june emo
Qasim Zaman 15:28 - 12/30/2018
Am i the only one hwo thinks this kid should be fed to the monster king...!
Smith John 00:20 - 06/29/2019

@Qasim Zaman You're not!

Fenrir Omnipotent 16:59 - 05/25/2019
He's just saving rover for hotpot.
Nam 09:40 - 05/26/2019

@Fenrir Omnipotent LUL that's so Asian 

Ronisha 04:01 - 03/14/2020
@Fenrir Ompintent LUL tn that's so Asian
Shadow Ninja 06:03 - 08/20/2019
I finally found a website that has One-Punch Man...emo
kaito 09:24 - 08/23/2019
fucking secondary characters stories
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