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MookHyang - Dark Lady


As the master of the School of Unholy Arts and as the undefeated Unmasked Demon, MookHyang unfortunately falls to a strange fantasy world by the magic of his enemies (School of Blood Arts). In the new world of elf, sorcerer, knight, and dragon, MookHyang’s adventure of finding a way back to his old world (Murim) unfolds

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akil strachan 01:46 - 02/20/2020
shit lame why send him out there like that then turn him into a little girl you just ruined the story now its lame as hell
mar shal 15:13 - 06/07/2020
Story is great untill chapter 39. They establish rules on how many and ki work but more about how the world of different magics work in their ways. The major reason why this manga is bad after 39 is the transformation. unexpected magic is something new but this is where the artists begins to show some questionable decisions that could leave the reader hating not only the manga but the specific decisions the art. They decide to use the plot magic not to ever be explained other then being a "curse" that can never be removed by any magic form to 1. make the character look exactly like the character every reader is meant to hate, this automatically makes the reader ticked off just by seeing the main character which is just a dumb move in general to make your readers automatic hate the main character. 2. in a universe where the magic potency is higher then the one the main character originated from it would be obvious the main character would need to do so eventually which just makes Sense, the problem is they attempted not to make the main character stronger by reseting everything about them which just makes it easy to be mad at the manga and the artist as now either it changes back to its original power level like nothing happened but wasting the interested readers time or waste it more by pretending like this is a good change.
mar shal 15:25 - 06/07/2020
3. it looks like there's not be in site so the main character is stuck either training like they should have earlier which is just dumb for everyone involved or b. just stop being the main character, amazingly the artists gets the pissed off facter of both as they try to reclaim the title of main character through not finding out their actions were a mistake and just doing both, shocker none of this works (sarcasm is your unaware) 4. now the other chapters just don't feel like a good use of time unless you just wanna look back on what the character used to be as everything else is just a waiting game where you just get more annoyed .5. training is what I was hopoing for later in the magic and though that might be just me o find that with this sever level of being angry and annoyed off this manga is just more aggregating with each chapter, that's why I only suggest reading to chapter 39 people it might leave you on a cliff hanger but leave while the mangas still good people, it's better this way. finally, youl find yourself star hating other characters of the team after the main character is no more as now there's no real elected leader so there's no one to control the team when someone's angry at the "main character" or when the "main character" needs any sort of help it'll always be a rescue at the last second. yet still the main character will always be said to be the leader and will keep failing and will come back for the team. just leave at chapter 39 or just don't read this manga!
mar shal 15:29 - 06/07/2020
my mistake, leave at 29. also feel free to replace the words "annoyed" in my comments with " severely pissed off"
metroll 01:31 - 04/26/2021
first this story was hype until he turn into little bitch and serve kingdom that turn him..soooo fucking stupid..sorry bad language but this his i feel now...
Amanda Goings 12:03 - 04/27/2021 Chap 97
what, is there going to be anymore chapters. what will happen next ?
trey 08:44 - 10/23/2021 Chap 49
i want the mookhyang the orgin art and raws back and how dare they do that to mookhyang and why did he become so soft
Ametiel 23:06 - 12/16/2021
No the cool dude turned into a little shit ?
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