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Leveling Up, By Only Eating!


The main character is stricken by a rare condition that affects only two people in the entire world, bulimic deficiency.

He organizes his daily meals to survive, but his hope of survival grows dimmer as the days go by.

He consults a doctor, who suggests playing the Alternate Reality Game "Athens", where he can eat as must as he wants without gaining any weight.

He plays the game to save his life and grow in strength by doing nothing but eating!

A Gourmet Fantasy Life!

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ofelia rasmussen 00:10 - 04/04/2021 Chap 1
i love it so far
ofelia rasmussen 01:53 - 04/04/2021 Chap 5
i love that the npc treats the players how they treat him and how the main character just comes along and cooks for him
ofelia rasmussen 02:26 - 04/04/2021 Chap 6
a golden chicken sounds nice
Luke Night 23:53 - 04/15/2021 Chap 56
this translation sus
matt collins 02:23 - 04/21/2021
chapters 33 & 34 are the same


03:11 - 04/21/2021 Chap 1

@matt collins Fixed

ReozVala 04:51 - 04/29/2021 Chap 60
dont upload this if its gonna be bad
craig tops 14:26 - 06/22/2021
when you get to the chaoters in the 50s it changes to my chemical romance and spanish
ReozVala 14:58 - 06/29/2021 Chap 69
most of this chapter has no text
munsyi 14:29 - 07/28/2021 Chap 57
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