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I Grow Stronger By Eating!

Everyone has a talent of their own. And the talent I have is ‘eating’. A talent that shines much brighter in this world where countless powerful organisms dwell. Feast Devour. Consume the blood and flesh of the strong and make that yours. Even if it’s a dragon, a demon king, or a god!

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Percy Jackson 10:41 - 06/04/2021
even though typical concept,...unique story progression indeed
Percy Jackson 15:54 - 06/08/2021
next chapter pls...
Percy Jackson 04:37 - 06/19/2021
where is the next chapter dude!!!?
suryansh 06:06 - 07/14/2021 Chap 6
bruh why are they copying the anime
Percy Jackson 16:26 - 07/17/2021
didnt knew it dude ! what else...
Percy Jackson 07:13 - 07/27/2021
next chapter !!!
Percy Jackson 10:30 - 08/05/2021
next chapter!!!
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