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Gosu (The Master)


A young man set forth to avenge his master, a once powerful martial artist who was betrayed by his own men and barely escaped with his life. Armed with his master supreme martial art techniques, he is ready to bring terror and wreak havoc among the murim. But before he even got started, he learns that the ones who had betrayed his master are already dead... Erm, so what happens now?

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Dan Tran 11:22 - 10/02/2018
amazing manga that a must read
Glenn Sky September 23:30 - 05/28/2021
thank you. I've followed this as means that the world indeed is revolving. Please be safe mangasan
peasant abdu 12:45 - 05/30/2021 Chap 234
so ummmm...its over? I LOVED IT SO FARRRRR<3emo
Aulia Rahman 16:55 - 10/06/2021 Chap 234
Satisfying ending. Thanks for the good work of the author and translation team ?
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