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Cheerful Countess Sisters


The heart-racing and hot-blooded romances for sisters Ice Princess Charlotte and the strongest knight Kara! The Count’s lovely yet unfortunate granddaughter, Young Miss Charlotte. After her grandfather passes away, she inherits his entire fortune and title instead of her worthless father. That’s how she thought her life was going to be in full bloom, but her father wouldn’t let go of the inheritance and brings forward Kara, a younger sister she’s never seen nor heard of before… “It’s good that you’ve become the lady of the Ferol household, and that I am able to share the inheritance.” And in the midst of it all, she also has to deal with their King who’s targeting her fortune by trying to force her into marriage with his own vassal! To Charlotte, who has to stand against all of these stupid troubles, Kara extends a hand. “In situations like these, you should say that they’re ‘crazy bastards’! You should curse them at least this much.” “Crazy bastard?” “Good.”

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