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A Beastly Scandal


The representative of "purity," and the nation most popular actress, Yeo Goeun, and the twisted scandal maker, Seo Beomi. In truth, the two of them share a secret. They are "acting as best friends" due to their company ruse. The two of them look extremely close and affectionate in the reality program, "The BFF Special," but all of this is an act!

"I dont plan on becoming friends with you! E.v.e.r."
"I dont plan on being friends with you either."

In the beginning, they were busy being hostile to each other whenever they met. But as they filmed the show, the two of them became closer, and Goeun, who previously disliked Beomi, has a small change of heart…

Beomi continues to approach Goeun, and it cant be told whether he realizes Goeuns feelings or not. The image of Beomi that appears in front of Goeun every time she desperately needs someone, and the image of him she saw in the pub before filming the show overlaps, bringing chaos to her mind. She had thought he was a person who wasnt serious about anything, but she becomes more and more shaken up as he shows his sincere sides to her…

Can the two of them resolve their misunderstandings and move on from being "fake BFFs" into "real lovers?"

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